Guns used in school shootings(4)

Sweden’s most prolific serial killer to date was a sadistic necrophile who preferred children as victims, but that did not stop him from killing adults—or wiping out whole families—when the opportunity presented itself. Like Gerard Schaefer, Thomas Quick originally wanted to become a priest, but he drifted into random homicide instead, reportedly claiming his first victim at age 14. Arrested in 1996, he described a childhood fraught with physical and sexual abuse, then confessed to 15 homicides, including six in Norway. Quick’s confession solved the mystery of three Dutch tourists, murdered while vacationing in northern Sweden, and he was sentenced to life for those crimes. On May 28, 1997, Quick was also convicted of killing an Israeli tourist, one Yinon Levy, in 1988. Four months later, following Quick’s directions, police unearthed what “could be a human finger bone” from the cellar of an abandoned farmhouse near Falun, but the victim was not identified, and no further charges were filed. In November 1997, Norwegian detectives found human bone fragments in a gravel pit near Drammen, where nine-year-old Therese Johannessen vanished in July 1988. Quick had confessed to her slaying and described the child’s wristwatch in meticulous detail. Conviction in that case, on June 2, 1998, brought Quick’s official tally to five victims. Investigation into Quick’s crimes and confessions continues at this writing, while Quick remains confined at Säters Sjukhus, Sweden’s maximum-security institution for the criminally insane. In October 1999, authorities charged Quick with the 1985 murder of victim Gry Storvik. May 2000 brought charges in the slaying of two Norwegian girls. Further trials are unlikely, based on Quick’s prognosis of incurable mental illness, but police are still pursuing allegations that he killed five other children in Finland, Norway, and Sweden between 1980 and 1989.



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